Snow Foam

Topaz Snow Foam has a luxuriously thick foam that ensures a safe, scratch free wash. Make sure the foam is evenly spread over the paintwork, so it can effectively loosen dirt and road grime.

Follow these steps in order to achieve the Topaz Standard:

STEP 1 /

If using a Hand-pump Foam Sprayer, add 15-60ml of snow foam to 1L of water. If using a snow foam lance, Add 100-300ml of Topaz Snow Foam to a 1L foam lance bottle and fill the rest with water.

STEP 2 /

Adjust the feed rate to suit the level of foam required for optimum result. Foam the entire exterior of the vehicle.

STEP 3 /

Allow the Snow Foam to dwell for 5 minutes. Then, rinse off the foam, starting at the bottom of the car.

STEP 4 /

For dirtier cars repeat steps 2 and 3. Once happy, continue washing the car with the rest of our Car Care range.
NOTE: Avoid using in direct sunlight and do not allow the product to dry on the paintwork.

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