Satin Tyre Dressing

Topaz Satin Tyre Dressing has been designed to produce a subtle quality shine finish on the tyre. Its high quality, silicone-based formula was manufactured using organic solvent blends which will nourish the rubber whilst protecting it from the harsh environment that tyres are subjected to.

Follow these easy steps to achieve the Topaz Standard: 

STEP 1 /
Ensure the wheel and tyre are clean using our Topaz Wheel Cleaner if necessary.

STEP 2 /
Apply the satin tyre dressing using a dense foam applicator or microfibre applicator pad.

STEP 3 /
Wipe away excess using our Topaz All Purpose Microfibre Cloth.

STEP 4 /
Wait 10 minutes and then apply another coat if more gloss is required.

Check out the video!