Wheel Cleaner

Topaz Wheel Cleaner is pH neutral and has been developed with three main functions: to clean wheels impeccably, to have a corrosion inhibitor and be safe to use on exotic materials found in supercars today. All ingredients that could cause an adverse result have been removed leaving a 'Topaz Standard' wheel cleaner that we are proud of.

Follow these steps in order to achieve the Topaz Standard:

STEP 1 /

Carefully rinse the wheel arches and wheels to loosen any dirt or brake dust. Don't hold the jet washer too close to the car to prevent marring the wheels or lifting any PPF.

STEP 2 /

Apply Topaz Wheel Cleaner liberally on each wheel, making sure the wheels are not in direct sunlight. Do not allow the solution to dry.

STEP 3 /

Allow the wheel cleaner to sit for approximately 5 minutes to dissolve contaminants on the wheels. Once the solution has turned purple, the wheel is ready for brushing. Carefully brush each wheel, inside and on the face to agitate the dirt.

STEP 4 (Optional) /

For dirtier wheels you may wish to use Topaz Snow Foam on top of the wheel cleaner before brushing. This will help lift any contaminants and dirt that has dried onto the wheels for some time.

STEP 5 /

Rinse away the solution with a jet washer. Make sure also to rinse the surrounding bodywork in case the solution has sprayed over.

STEP 6 /

If necessary for dirtier wheels, move the car slightly to rotate the wheels by half a turn and repeat steps 2-5.
NOTE: Do not apply in direct sunlight and do not allow the product to dry.

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