Tar & Glue Remover

Tar & Glue Remover is a highly effective and safe to use solvent for direct removal of stubborn contaminants from the vehicles' hard and painted surfaces. Its formulation has been refined using aliphatic solvents and natural oils to ensure effective sticky substance removal with no damage to the affected surfaces.

Follow these easy steps to achieve the Topaz Standard: 

STEP 1 /
Treating one panel at a time, spray liberally on the contained surface and allow time to dwell. 

STEP 2 /
Spray some product on the All-Purpose Topaz Microfibre Cloth and wipe the treated area. Repeat the process if required. 

STEP 3 /
To complete, rinse the treated areas with water to neutralise the solvents.

NOTE: Before applying the product make sure that the surface is dry.


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