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'Purify' - Powerful glass cleaner with luxury formulation for smooth, thorough cleaning.

Topaz Glass Cleaner was developed specifically for application on automotive glass and features an innovative formulation that guarantees a thorough removal of dirt, grease, insects and waxes easily, leaving a streak-free finish. 

The luxury formulation provides protection against fogging and uses special spreading agents to provide a smooth gliding action during cleaning.

Topaz Glass Cleaner holds to the glass to ensure it doesn't evaporate too quickly, and without any 'build-up' effect. 

Bottle and cap plastic - widely recyclable. 

DIRECTIONS: Spray liberally on a microfibre towel and buff the surface. Remove any residue with a waffle weave microfibre towel to finish.

NOTE: Avoid applying in direct sunlight or onto hot surfaces.

Check out the video now on our 'How-To Guides' page for easy to follow step-by-step instructions!

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