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'Cleanse' - Designed to preserve & effectively clean leather, leaving it feeling softer.

Topaz Leather Cleaner's thick formula has been designed to help effectively clean and moisturise the leather by restoring its natural colour. The PH-balanced gel-like rich consistency lubricates and emulsifies dirt, oils, and grease from deep within the pores making it easier to remove. When cleaned, leather will smell fresh, and feel smooth and luxurious.

Bottle and cap plastic - widely recyclable. 

DIRECTIONS: Use a foam applicator to apply the product to a small area of leather at a time. Leave for 2-3 minutes to dwell. Using a leather brush agitate the surface if needed. Wipe the area with a clean, dry microfibre cloth.

NOTE: Test on an inconspicuous area for colour transfer prior to use.

Check out the video now on our 'How-To Guides' page for easy to follow step-by-step instructions!

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