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'PRESERVE' - Outstanding protection on all types of fabric to repel dirt and stains

Topaz Fabric Protector is the next stage in keeping your vehicle’s fabrics protected with outstanding stain and dirt repellence. With advanced hydrophobic technology it provides a protective film to the fabric, prolonging the life of the material. Suitable for all types of fabrics, from convertible roofs to carpets to seat upholstery.

Bottle and cap plastic - widely recyclable. 

DIRECTIONS: Make sure the target area is clean before use, we recommend Topaz Fabric Cleaner. First, lightly dampen the area with water. Then spray the product evenly over the fabric surface, ensuring any product that touches the glass or paintwork is quickly removed. Allow the product to cure and dry for at least 12 hours.

NOTE: Leave the fabric in a dry environment during the curing stage.

Check out the video now on our 'How-To Guides' page for easy to follow step-by-step instructions!

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