Advanced Pre-Wash

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'Extract' - The powerful yet gentle formulation which effectively removes grime and dirt prior to the wash process.

Topaz Advanced Pre-Wash is a powerful yet gentle cleaner which effectively breaks down dirt, traffic film and road grime upon contact without removing coatings. Topaz Pre-Wash formulation is safe to be used for all exterior surfaces, door shuts, arches, boot liners, engine bays, wheels and tyres.

Bottle and cap plastic - widely recyclable. 

DIRECTIONS: Dilute product 1:8 in a hand or pump spray bottle and start by applying on the lower panels of the vehicle, gradually moving to the upper parts. Leave the product to dwell but don't allow it to dry. Starting from the bottom, rinse off with a pressure washer.

NOTE: Avoid using it in direct sunlight and do not allow it to dry on the paintwork.

Check out the video now on our 'How-To Guides' page for easy to follow step-by-step instructions!

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