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'Cleanse' - High foaming luxury shampoo with high-tech rinsing aid for easy drying.

Designed to clean and protect your car in a single, easy step. While washing your car, the luxury formula forms a chemical and molecular bond with previously applied protective layers and refreshes them. Paint surfaces sealed with sealants or other last step products become better protected as a result. 

Water beading is also significantly enhanced which in turn aids self-cleaning. Topaz Luxury Shampoo contains a high-tech rinsing aid that will leave your car almost completely dry after thoroughly rinsing it with fresh, clean water. 

Bottle and cap plastic - widely recyclable. 

DIRECTIONS: Add 30ml of Luxury Shampoo to 5L of warm water in a bucket. Mix well and ideally use the twin bucket wash routine with a lambswool wash mitt. Rinse off from the top down. Dry vehicle using a Topaz Drying Towel.

Check out the video now on our 'How-To Guides' page for easy to follow step-by-step instructions!

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